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Examine the character of Margaret Weylin. How does Octavia Butler use her as an example of a woman of privilege living in the United States in the s? Based on what you have read thus far, examine how the laws of the antebellum South informs the sexual mores of the era.

Rhetorical Analysis of Kindred by Octavia Butler example

Why are these details important? How does the experience of Dana and Kevin as an interracial couple in the s, and the racism they face, compare with their experiences in the American South of the s?

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Examine the character of Rufus Weylin. Do you think he is a fundamentally good or a fundamentally bad person The Storm 1.

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Compare and contrast Rufus Weylin to his father. In what ways has he become like his father?

In what ways is he different? Are these differences for better or for worse? Why does Rufus use Dana to get to Alice? Does Alice also use Dana?

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The needs and well-being of other residents of the plantation create a web of obligation that is difficult to navigate. Choose a specific incident and determine who holds power over whom; assess how it affects the situation.

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Discuss the ways in which the title encapsulates the relationships within the novel. Is it ironic? What emphasis do we place on our kinship?

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How does it compare with that of the novel? How is this represented in Kindred?

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In your own words, summarize the following three articles on Kindred. You can access the other two articles on Pilot or by clicking on the titles. Each summary should be words long and formatted as a single paragraph.

As always, be sure that your writing is revised and polished. Submit all three summaries on the same document via Pilot. Thesis Octavia Butler's Kindred is a science fiction novel about a young African American writer named Dana who is forced to travel back in time to where her black and white ancestors live on a slave plantation in antebellum Maryland. Identification Read the prologue and main text of Kindred and respond to the writing prompts below.